You're not alone ... hopefully; this will help!

I'm pretty confused about this thing myself.  They have it worded so damn weird, it's hard to figure out whether to be for it or against it.  After reading this though, I'm against it.  It sounds harmless enough; but the more you read, the scarier it gets. 

A few examples:

The part about "facillitating copyright infringement".  As this article notes, that's EVERY site:

Since copyright violation is ridiculously easy, any site with a comment box or picture upload form is potentially infringing.

If you (your site) is found to be "promoting copyright infringement" and you prove otherwise; you can still get in trouble for it. And, basically, pay the government to sue you and shut you down.   Seriously;

... if you provide that counter-notification that you aren't an infringing site, but if you can possibly be painted to fit the definition of an infringing site (and again, you will be), you are now liable for all of the attacking party's attorney fees. By replying, you give them carte blanche to sue you with no cost to themselves.

Ultimately, the government winds up with absolute power to shut down sites.  (Are we taking our cues from the communist handbook on this?? This sounds sooo Russia and China...)

Effectively, this bill gives the attorney general the power to fully censor foreign sites that the government does not have jurisdiction to take down directly. 

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We have enough censorship around us as it is! I don't think we need any more, what do you think??