I used to see these guys all the time in California and they put on a great show. Here's a band you should go check out.


Impending Doom is a Christian death metal band from Riverside, CA. I remember them from back in the day when I'd travel around Southern California with my friends watching all the hardcore shows we could.

The band describes their music style as, "Gorship." They worship God through gore-sounding music. I love the way the band is so open about their religion and the way it influences not only them personally but their music as well. It's something they get a lot of trash for but it's refreshing to see a band acknowledge that.

Their newest CD is called, "Baptized in Filth" and you can check out the videos for their songs below. My favorite song from the newest album? Chaos: Reborn. If I hear that song while I'm driving, there is a 100% I'm going to start speeding from just getting so pumped up! If you're into heavy music, you're going to LOVE this band!

They are playing Open Gate Church at 8821 McCombs on January 6th. Show starts at 5 PM and tickets are only $15, not bad when there is 8 bands performing! Go and check out another bomb band!