Michael Sam has his shot. The St. Louis Rams took the unambiguously gay defensive end in the seventh round of the NFL Draft and our own Coach Lou is back with his take on Sam. Just don't get too close.

It won't be easy for the ex-Missouri Tiger -- seventh rounders don't usually wind up with a spot on the final roster. But in comparison to the last year of his life, he's already accomplished a great deal.

As for Coach Lou, after two solid minutes of straight talk -- so to speak -- we assume he went to the hospital for an IV to replace the fluids he lost, most of which always seem to end up on our microphones.

Check out more of Coach Lou's "Let Me Tell Ya" in the weeks to come, provided Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly doesn't slip on a banana peel that came out of nowhere at the office and Lou feels compelled to call the Irish up to volunteer his services.