There really aren’t many words to describe what I feel when I watch this video, but I’ll try. 

I feel:

Embarrassed - Because I didn’t find this video sooner.

Jealous- Because I can’t apply my makeup with this level of expertise.

Horrified- Because they had to add a disclaimer telling you NOT to shave your eyebrows.

Amused- Because I know (at least) ten people watching thinks this looks good.

Intrigued- Because I’m wondering where else this chick thinks it’s appropriate to apply stick glue.

Sad- Because I’m too white to ever pull off Chola eyebrows, even for Halloween.

Curious- Because I wonder how many people reading this have equally awful eyebrows.

Well, I guess there were plenty of words after all. Enjoy the video, El Paso. And if you see some crazy chola eyebrows out there, snap a picture and send it to me,