I know, it sounds kinda weird ... "Chilis' For Willie" ...  but, it's a GREAT cause!

This is an excerpt from an email my friend Ron in Cruces forwarded to me via the Jornada Del Muerto MRA about a really cool event that's coming up.  After you read it, please, SUPPORT THIS CAUSE!

First a bit about Willie; a Sergeant Major in the US Army, 1st Cavalry Division. As a “wounded warrior” himself, he completely understands what our wounded soldiers are enduring. His stories of the simple needs of these heroes inspired the “Chilis’ For Willie” program to show these brave men and women how much we appreciate their selfless sacrifices.

These Heroes are in need of boxer briefs and white crew socks to wear in transit to either Germany or the US to receive the medical treatment they need for injuries received in combat.

About 2000 pounds of green chili has been donated by Hatch farmers and will be roasted this weekend. Now it’s your turn. A package of fresh roasted hatch green chili (we allll know about that chili!!) is yours for a simple donation!

If you or someone you know would like to support this great cause, please feel free to send an email to this address: williesheroes@gmail.com

There are no set fees for the green chile and funds received for the green chile will be considered donations that will go directly to aid this worthy cause.

I “rewrote” the original email … if you’d like to read the original ... in it’s entirety ... email me (ggarza@klaq.com) and I’ll forward you the whole thing! Please help!!!!!!!  :)