Guys, we all know how you like to be manly and get your own things. Some guys though have confessed that they have tried some chick products and love them. Here's a list of a few products and why they like them so much better.

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    Don't use them on yourself men, but turns out they are pretty good with cleaning gun barrels. Just grab one from your girl's bathroom and try it out for yourself! Might be a cheaper, better way to clean your guns.

    Tampax Tampons
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    Women's Hair Products

    Better quality and quantity for your buck.

    "Good men's shapoo $20 in an 8 oz. bottle, decent women's shampoo $10 in a 30 oz. bottle. Your hair is softer, you spent less money and it last longer. Lady's love soft hair to pay with, just make sure you buy some neutral scented stuff or you'll smell like a fruit basket."

    John Freida Hair Care Products
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    I'm not saying pull an Adam Lambert and go to town with it, but a little on a blemish or pimple can cover it up so it isn't the highlight of your face.

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    This one I find really weird but more than one guy said that this was something he did. Anonymously of course.

    "I'm a straight man who owns a few pairs of panties. After working 11-12 hours in 130°F booth, changing into them as a pajama is a nice relief."

    "When I used to work as a lingerie consultant (best.job.ever) more often then not I would have men come in and buy the extremely nice panties. I mean girls came in and would buy them too but not in the amount that guys would. Now its not my job to know why adult men come into my store and drop over 500$ on expensive Egyptian cotton panties but I once did have a customer tell me that the reason he spent such money, time and energy into picking the perfect panties is because he was a construction manager and was on his feet and jammed into hard jeans all day sweating in the sun. I guess when he gets home he just slips on a pair of Egyptian or silk panties and his stuff is just floating on cloud 9 for the rest of the night. I mean I have no idea what it is like to have a penis but I imagination it can get unconformable and if silky lady panties helps that appendage relax then by all means have at it. :) So you are by far not the only one. "

    Victoria's Secret
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    They make men's versions of loofahs but the overall consensus was how hard the material is on your skin. Even though your a man it doesn't means your skin is made out of concrete. Treat yo self to a ladies' loofah today!

    Walmart Loofa
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    Some men swear that Midol relieves headaches better than normal aspirin. It has the same ingredients as aspirin as well as caffeine and others. Maybe it is better? Grab a bottle and see for yourself!

    Midol Package
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    Cleansing Wipes

    After a workout, long day, or even just to freshen up, cleansing wipes make you feel awake and clean! Convenient too since you can just put them in your glove compartment or next to your bed making it easy to use one in a hurry.

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    Bikini Zone

    This product is for women to use to get rid of razor bumps on the bikini zone. For you? Can get rid of the same bumps off your neck after shaving. Works wonders!

    Bikini Zone
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    Bobby Pins

    No, not for use in your hair. They work wonders when your smoking a joint and have a small roach left. Don't burn your fingers or risk swallowing it. Which I have seen happen sadly.

    Bobby Pins
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    Women's Lip Balm

    You can get it in normal flavors and it doesn't have to be colored or scented, but it works way better than the male version. Less waxy feeling too.

    Nivea Lip Balm