Scott “the chi-chi king” Ronson has another group of lovely lady lumps for you to vote on this week. Check them out and tell us whose chi-chis deserve to be called the “Sexiest Chi-Chis of Last Week!"

First, we have our winner for the previous week. Purple Chis scored nearly 70% of the votes in last week’s poll. Take a long, hard look at why El Paso loved them so much.


Purple Chis

So let’s move on to the battle of the chi-chis this week. First up we have “Demin Chis," my prediction as the winner.

Denim Chis

Up next is the beautiful and hilarious “Hands Up Chis,” which took some SERIOUS Photoshop to get Ronson to hold those puppies up.

Hands Up Chis

Our third competitor is “Booooo-b Chis.” Oooohhhh. Spoooooky. Decorate your chi-chis and send them in, ladies. ’Tis the season!


Lastly, we’ve got “Upshirt Chis.” Is that not the sexiest pose you’ve ever gawked at?

Upshirt Chis

Think you got what it takes to be on Scott’s Chi-Chis of the Day? Enter below.