It’s time for another “Best of Chi-Chis” poll! Take a peek at all the photos from last week and let us know what your favorite is. Remember to stop drooling long enough to cast your vote, fellas.

Up first we have an office favorite for last week, Purple Nurple. I see something peekin’ out...

Purple Nurple


Next we have Scott’s favorite. It’s not everyday we get a photo of chi-chis while Ronsoning. WIN!

Flipping the Bird


Our third contender said, “No need for a bra. These ladies hold themselves up!”

The Great Divide

Here’s our last competitor. We had a hard time deciding if this was an entry to chi-chis or Hiney of the week. Either way, you know this chica is deliciously curvy.

Climbing the Mountains

So tell us:


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