Las Cruces NM, Get ready to have your wanker handed to you!!

The star of some of the greatest cooking shows to include:

Kitchen Nightmare, Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef  will be bringing his newest show, Hotel Hell to the city of Las Cruces.

A Mesilla hotel will soon be featured in the second season of the reality show. The week of June 15th, Meson de Mesilla will have it's wanker slapped like a beech.

If you know anything about Gordon Ramsay, the host of Hotel Hell, he's downright ruthless. The goal of the show is to fix troubled inns and resorts, many of which are on the brink of foreclosure. The Meson de Mesilla is booking rooms or dinners while the show is filming and you know Ronson and his battle buddy Patricia Campos will be there watching all HELL break loose.

Chef Ramsay, He may be from the UK but he doesn't take any crap!!!!

How bad azz is Ramsay?