Alice Cooper has had retrospectives and "Behind The Music" type shows done about him before.  Those were all just "shortcuts" through the life and times of Vincent Furnier, aka Alice Cooper.

Now, the full story is coming to video in all it's alcoholic, bloody, shocking and gory glory. Gallons of fake blood and alcohol fueled Alice Coopers rise to Shock Rock legend.  Along with props that would make a magician jealous, lighting and production that would make most rock stars jealous and legions of fans, Alice has become an American icon!

An amazing cast of characters and guest stars including Vincent Price, Al Petrelli, Eric Singer, Orianthi, Chris Cornell, Marilyn Manson and many more have worked with Alice. Along with great choreographers and dancers including his daughter Calico. (Who has assumed the role her Mom, Shery Goddard Cooper former played as Alices' main victim!)

Now we get to hear the whole sordid story of the preachers son turned rock n roll demon in a new vid due out this spring!  I'll try and snag a few to give away on the air so keep listening to The Q!

 The Gorgeous Orianthi Will Be Rocking With Alice Cooper [VIDEO]