Metallica are back on the road and rocking a new tune!!

Metallica kicked off a 2 week South American tour in Bogota last night and their entire set was picked by the fans!  Once fans purchased their tickets, they were sent a link and a code to vote for the song they wanted to hear Metallica play.  Metallica plan to repeat this "all request" idea when they tour Europe next and they may do it here in America as well!

The guys also slipped in a request of their own!  They wanted to hear NEW Metallica so they debuted a song called "Lords Of Summer".  Fortunately, someone filmed them playing it!  Unfortunately, neither the video or the audio are all that great.  You'll get the idea though, check it out below!

As cleaner, better footage starts to pop up, I'll repost it for you so keep checking back here at  (Click here for another vid!)