The Priest are back, and you can listen to their latest cd for nada!

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Judas Priest are preparing to release their latest cd, "Redeemer Of Souls", and they want you to hear it ... for FREE ... before it's official release Tuesday.  Singer Rob Halford says the new disc is "relentless".

From the opening thunder-and-lightning on 'Dragonaut' right up 'till the end of 'Battle Cry', it's just full-on, it's relentless. It's great."

Here's the full (deluxe) cd track listing:

  • 01. Dragonaut   02. Redeemer Of Souls
  • 03. Halls Of Valhalla   04. Sword Of Damocles
  • 05. March Of The Damned   06. Down In Flames
  • 07. Hell & Back   08. Cold Blooded
  • 09. Metalizer   10. Crossfire
  • 11. Secrets Of The Dead   12. Battle Cry
  • 13. Beginning Of The End
  • Bonus tracks:
  • 14. Snakebite   15. Tears Of Blood
  • 16. Creatures   17. Bring It On
  • 18. Never Forget

If you can't want for Tuesday, click here to listen to the cd! FREE!  The deluxe version of the CD comes with 5 bonus tracks, pre-order it here.

Check out "March Of The Damned" below with an intro by Priest axeman Glenn Tipton and catch the song again Sunday night during Q Connected!