She is one classy beeatch!  The guitar that is ... 

Lzzy Hale is one of the hottest women in rock.  Sexy, great voice, excellent guitarist and, surrounded by three more of the best players around, she has Halestorm right where she wants them.  Sitting on top of the Metal world!

It's not ALL about the player though, their chosen instrument has a lot to do with things as well.  Here is Lzzy showing off her custom Gibson Destroyer.  One of my favorite guitars, and practically a symbol of Heavy Metal, the Destroyers kick major azz!  Take a look at Lzzys custom axe in the vid.  It's fairly straight forward without a lot of frills but accented in gold for a touch of class along with that metal edge.

Sorta like Lzzy herself!

I love that girl ...

Now, here she is in action.  (The Destroyer pops up in this as well!)

We all have our off days though.  Her brother Arejay ... absolutely one helluva player ... was featured in a blog earlier by Intern Emily having a Spinal Tap moment.  Check out his fantastic drum solo, with a not so fantastic ending!