Has the "Sex Panther" cologne from Anchorman FINALLY been made? Sadly no. But there is a Men's cologne that has been found to attract jaguars.


A biologist with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles has finally released his secret to luring jaguars to his camera traps to study them- cologne. Well, it is a specific kind of cologne that seems to do the job. Calvin Klein's Obsession for Men has a chemical in it, known as civetone, which comes from the scent glands of a civet. A civet is a small, thin nocturnal cat-like mammal that can be found in Africa or Asia. This chemical has been used in perfumes an colognes for years, and is one of the oldest ingredients actually. Also, Obession has vanilla in it, which researchers believes also spikes the jaguars curiosity.

Here is a picture of an African Civet:


A Bronx researcher actually tried several different colognes and perfumes, to see which the big cat was attracted to the most and Obession for Men was the clear winner. This is the cologne my dad wears, so I think I should let him know, in case we ever go to the zoo. I wouldn't want the jaguars to make my mom jealous.


You can read more from about this and why the jaguars are attracted to this scent in the Scientific American.