I have GOT to get one of these...

Ok, ok ... the havoc was minimal.  A Philadelphia man got a little tired of all the loud cell phone conversations around him and found a solution.  A cell phone jamming device!

it doesn't seem as though anyone really minded.  Some folks may have even applauded this guy but, as usual, there's always one little beeeatch somewhere.  She ratted him out and now he's had to destroy his device. 

Read more here from msn.com

(I think that by law ... LAW I say!! ... those jammer dealies should be permanently installed in theaters, libraries and other such places!!) 

THAT would be pretty cool!  The fact that they'll never really do it notwithstanding; what do you think?? 

If you're interested in getting your own; there's an issue. 

Apparently, they're illegal.

That, however, has not put an end to their availablity! 

Now, I would certainly NEVER do anything to break the law.  (Nor would I even DREEEEEAM of encouraging you to do so.)

However.  I did happen to stumble across a few web sites where one might go for "research" purposes on this matter.  Not that I'm suggesting you visit them or anything.  In fact; it would probably be best if you just stayed away from sites like jammer-store.com  or phonejammer.com

The signaljammer.com should probably be avoided as well.

Just sayin' .......