So you’re a celebrity and you’ve been booked. The prevailing wisdom from many years was to look into the jailer’s camera with an expression of contrition, anger, stupefaction or some combination of all three.

Here are three classics:

Nick Nolte-California Highway Patrol









Mel Gibson - El Segundo Police Dept.










Glen Campbell - The Arizona Republic
















These all have something in common and I’m not talking about their Degrees of Kevin Bacon score.

They all look guilty. As sin.

Stars need to realize that this is the Google Age and that their mug shots will come up in any image search for the rest of eternity.

Here’s what they should shoot for…

Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department













Look at that! In a few years when you see that pic in a Google image search, it won’t even register that it’s a mug shot. It just looks like Justin’s senior picture day, wearing his mom’s favorite red blouse. Or the before picture in a ProActive ad.

The point is, given a little time, if it doesn’t look like a badge of shame, it won’t be a badge of shame.

Just ask the only guy to out-Beiber Beiber…former House Majority Leader Tom Delay.

Tom Delay - Harris County Sheriff Department













Man, he could use that on campaign literature if he ever runs again!