I think NBC has a hit with Celebrity Apprentice. I usually don't get hooked on shows like this but dear lord they are a bunch of misfits and degenerates. Gary Busey has no mind and would be easier if he just " GOT A ROPE".  The celebrities were trying to create a golden experience on Sunday's episode of "The Celebrity Apprentice," but it didn't turn out quite so golden for team Backbone.  The men lost the challenge, and even with someone like Gary Busey on their team, Trump still felt that the buck stops at the project manager. The two teams were asked to create an interactive promotional experience for Australian Gold suntan lotion centered around a glass box.  The executives liked the energy Mark McGrath and the men brought with their pirate theme, but ultimately thought La Toya Jackson and the women represented the brand better with their depiction of people living the "gold life" outdoors.  In the boardroom, the men were unanimous in labeling Gary Busey a "liability" to the entire team, but Trump thought the real reason they lost was the theme.  Mark took full responsibility for the theme, so Trump felt he had no choice but to let him go.  But Trump didn't let Gary leave before making it clear that he needed to "shape up." 

For team A.S.A.P.'s victory, La Toya Jackson's charity, AIDS Project L.A., received 40-thousand-dollars.  However, even with another win under their belt, team A.S.A.P. still seemed very disjointed.  Most of the team didn't feel La Toya was responsible for the victory, especially NeNe Leakes.  NeNe let La Toya have it once they left the boardroom, calling her an old lady who wouldn't be anywhere if it wasn't for her last name.  Tune in next week to see if the women can come together or if the men -- led by Gary Busey again -- can find a way to win.  "The Celebrity Apprentice" airs at 9:00 p.m. Eastern on NBC.