When you say the word "mom", people tend to think of a couple of things: An haggard, unhappy woman with some miserable kids screaming in the aisle of the grocery store (restaurant, movie theater, etc.), annoying everyone around; or the saintly, loving woman who always has a smile for you and something hot to eat, ready to help you with your laundry.

I guess it all depends on whether or not it's your mom you're thinking about.

But there's another mom.

The kind of mom your mom never told you about.

The one lurking in the public places; restaurants, bars, concerts, Balloonfest. The one you don't immediately think could be a mom, and it's kind of a surprise when you discover it.

The cool moms.

In celebration of all the cool moms out there, our very own single mom, Stephanie the Corporate Computer Babe is making her appearance in a little internet show called, "The Drinking Game Show"! The only game show where if you lose, you booze!

If your mom is one of these cool moms too, then play some fun drinking games with her this weekend! It would definitely be one of the most memorable Mother's Days for your family! They don't have to be the best games, or even make any sense! (The best drinking games never do!) As long as you all have fun and get a little wasted, all is well.

Enjoy Stephanie's appearance on the show, and her kicking those guys' asses!

And for some extra fun, check out this drunken behind-the-scenes:

Happy Mother's Day!