You might have seen this at the end of the Chargers Broncos game yesterday. CBS cut to the sideline to show San Diego kicker Nick Novak getting prepared for a clutch field draining the ol' Noz into a cup!

Watch the video closely. Here are my observations:

1.) Check out the guy shielding Nick Novak with a towel. Who do you have to piss off in the Chargers organization to get Improv-Towel-Curtain-While-The Kicker-Voids-His-Bladder duty?

2.) Does everybody get the option of shaking the dew off the lily on the sideline, or just the skill-position guys? Are the Offensive Linemen expected to just expel into their pants?

3.) Look where Nick Novak is taking a slash...right next to the Gatorade table!!! Into a cup!!! Probably a Gatorade cup!! I hope towel-boy knows to put that cup on the side of the table designated "Not-Gatorade, even though they probably look exactly the same".

4.) If you're an NFL player, I bet you always check the temperature of your Gatorade with your pinkie.

Oh, by the way, Novak missed the FG and the Chargers lost to the Broncos, proving once again that age-old adage "No matter how you shake and dance, you can't beat Tebow because Jesus really loves that fucker."