Cats may be the jerks of domestic animals but that just makes them awesome. Some people are beginning to realize that metal fans and cats go together perfectly. You can find photo books that focus on metal musicians with their cats and now you can find videos of cats joining in on their owners jam sessions.

Other sites are saying this cat hates metal but that can't be true. He obviously loves it because he climbed onto his owners lap, once he began to shred. It must have been the fast movement of his owner's fingers or the need for a head rub, that caused this cat to start biting his owner. I like to think of vicious cat bites as metal kisses.

The owner final excepts the cat's attempt to get his attention and has to finish his recording early but now he has a viral hit, thanks to his cat.

Cats are not looking to be just a part of the band, they want to be the muse for the music. A very drunk man named Shaun Callaghan, lead singer of Give Zombies the Vote, decided to record himself singing to his cat named, Bill Murray. Callaghan's band mates posted this video and encouraged everyone to spread it before he noticed

Surprisingly, Bill Murray enjoyed the performance as his owner serenaded and shook him around. If cats really were jerks, this guy would have had his face torn apart.