Public Service / Charity

Dubba G Goes Over The Edge
It started simply enough, the boss asked me if I would help him help the El Paso zoo with their fundraising effort. Being the totally cool guy that I am, I said sure.
Learn To Save Lives Through CPR At The EPFD’s Free Class
Learn how to perform this life-saving medical intervention to help someone in need before the first responders can arrive. The best part? It's free!
When an emergency is happening, it's good to have someone on hand that is able to administer some kind of aide until first responders are able…
Looking For A Job In El Paso?
If you're looking for a job here in the El Paso area, or just want to make a few extra bucks on top of what you already earn, Lowes is looking for you!
Road Closures For West El Paso This Week
The City of El Paso is continuing to grow. To maintain this growth, construction is a necessary evil for people in the city. Find out where, when and what hours westside streets will have construction this week.
The City of El Paso is working hard to make the streets better and easier for people…

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