Who Inspired You To Pick Up An Instrument?
The best part of finding a positive inspiration is taking that first step to learn more of what got you inspired in the first place. Every musician has their hero that got them interested in music and instrument.
Now whether you are a singer like myself, or you play an instrument someone introduced y…
What’s Your Current Obsession?
Big surprise here, my current obsession has been one that's been with me since 1992. My obsession ladies and gentleman if you really give a flip is seeing Guns N Roses in concert, again!
The good news in all this is we are exactly 1 month away from the big show and the obsession that has haunted…
Lisa’s Picks For The Game Of Thrones Dead Pool Explained
Today the Buzz Adams Morning Show decided to give our pick for the Game of Thrones Season 7 Dead Pool. While some simply picked at random or even put a little thought behind their picks, I may have taken it to an extreme.
We finally were able to reveal our picks for the Season 7 Game of Thrones Morni…
What Old Bands Should Quit?
Being in a band is kind of like being married. When things don't seem to be adding up and the chemistry is no longer there, a divorce could be in the near future.
This holds true in music as well. There are many bands out their that have changed members and other line up changes...

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