What Your Favorite Music Says About You!
So what does your favorite music say about you? People always judge the way you look and some people know what you're into within a few seconds. I've been told that when you see me that I'm a rocker, so?
Music has and will always be a driving force in how people live and dres…
Sniper 3D Assassin – Shoot To Kill = Awesome!!
Alright my friends it's time for another installment of Jason Admires latest game addiction and this one rules! The game in question is Sniper 3D Assassin - Shoot To Kill!
This is the game for all of us who wouldn't mind taking justice with our own hands...
This Week In Rock History!
Earlier this week 35 years ago, Motley Crue released their first single the title track off their first album "Too Fast For Love", Livewire!. If this video is any evidence of the decadence that came afterwards well I saw it coming!
This album is definitely one of my all time favorit…

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