Michael Keaton Thinks the ‘Beetlejuice 2’ Ship Has Sailed
How’s this for awkward timing: just as an entire generation of moviegoers are rediscovering their love for Winona Ryder thanks to Stranger Things, her chances at reappearing in the role that made her famous may be dying on the vine. The last time we checked in on Beetlejuice 2, it was Ryder w…
Yes or BS — Star Trek Edition
I admit it, I'm a geek but have never gotten into Star Trek. I'm a Star Wars guys. But this past weekend Star Trek Beyond ruled the box office. So now is a good time for a Yes or BS.

Star Trek Beyond is the 13th Star Trek movie.

Yes - There were six movies with the original cast, four with t…
Yes or BS — Pokemon Edition
I actually saw two people wondering in the middle of the road right next to our studios this morning at 4am playing Pokemon GO. How well do you know Pokemon? Try out this Yes or BS.

There are 151 different Pokemon characters.

Yes - A tattoo artist in Boston has been trying to tattoo all of them on 151…

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