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AUDIO: What’s the Difference??
In this feature, I present two items, things or people. See if you can spot the, sometimes subtle, differences as we play "What's the Difference?".
Today, Easter Baskets and Kardashians. What's the Difference?
Click on the jump link, below, to find out and hear the complete…
AUDIO: Ozzy the Great and Powerful!
It looks like this new adaptation of the works of Frank L. Baum is going to be kind of a big deal. Oz, The Great And Powerful opens in El Paso theaters today at 9 p.m.
For a slightly different take on this timeless fantasy classic click on the jump link, below to hear Ozzy, The Great and Powerful...
AUDIO: Morning Show Interview with Anthony Edwards
This a.m., the Morning Show spoke with actor Anthony Edwards most famous for playing Goose in Top Gun and Dr. Greene in E.R.
Click on the jump link (below) to hear Anthony and the Morning Show talk about his new show on ABC, his iconic roles and his thoughts on male pattern baldness.
AUDIO: The Great Nostradumbass
Prepare yourselves, friends, to once again be amazed and mystified by the uncanny psychic powers of the the all-knowing, the all-seeing, the wise and mystic sage from the east who has traveled from afar to be with us...the Great Nostradumbass!
Click the jump link below to listen to the audio...
AUDIO: Torturing Telemarketers-Dookie in the Tub
As Alec Baldwin's character Blake said in Glengarry Glen Ross, the secret to being a salesman is A.B.C.  A-always. B-be. C-closing. A.B.C.. Always be closing.
Listen to this week's Torturing Telemarketers and notice the guy's dedication to this sales ethos. He's not phased by…
AUDIO: 9 Facts You Didn’t Know About U.S. Presidents
Happy Presidents Day!
There are certain presidential facts that every schoolchild knows. Washington was our first president. Reagan was a movie star. Lincoln was the president with the biggest wang. But, there are other facts that are a bit more obscure. Listen to the audio of today's list of &a…

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