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(AUDIO) Good News / Bad News
Once again, we delve into this weeks news and look at selected stories from more than one angle.
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(AUDIO) The Buzz vs. Lauren Prank War Escalates
Here's what's happened in the Buzz vs. Lauren Prank War so far:
Last week, Lauren or one of her henchmen put confetti into the air vents of my car and turned the air conditioner up to high blast. When I started my car, confetti blew everywhere. I thought may a filter or a manufacturers label had gott…
(AUDIO) Good News / Bad News of the Week
Once a week we like to take a few timely news stories and really look at them from more than one angle. The silver lining as well as the dark cloud. The grass on both sides of the fence. The punchbowl as well as the turd.
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(AUDIO) The Great Nostradumbass
Once again, prepare yourself to be astounded by the uncanny precognitive powers of the worlds foremost psychic an seer. The all-knowing, the all-seeing...the wise and mystic sage from the East...the Great Nostradumbass.
To hear the audio from this weeks visit from Nostra, click on the jump link…
(AUDIO) Mayoral Candidates: Jorge Artalejo
Our seventh and next to last mayoral candidate was Jorge Artalejo who we interviewed this morning. The audio is at the jump link, below. Click to hear Mr. Artalejo lay out his plan for the future of our fair city and explain the various planks on his platform...
(AUDIO) Mayoral Candidate-Robert Cormell
Continuing with our week-long effort to interview every candidate for mayor of El Paso, this morning we were joined by candidate Robert Cormell.
Follow the jump link for the audio and you will hear Mr. Cormell describe his vision for El Paso and answer the El Paso Times report that he has unpaid taxe…
Mayor’s Race- Gus Haddad
Our first candidate interview on Tuesday was with Gus Haddad, a local businessman and member of one of El Paso's most prominent families.
Our complete interview with Mr. Haddad follows on the next page. Click on the jump link to be taken there.
Mayor’s Race – Steve Ortega Interview on KLAQ Morning Show
Our next mayoral candidate on Tuesday was City Representative Steve Ortega. Steve started the race as the front-runner, and may still be. But he talks about his record on the city council and how it feels being the main target for the other candidates.
To hear the interview click the jump link, below…
Voice Actor Tom Kane On The KLAQ Morning Show [Audio]
Today on the KLAQ Morning Show, we got to interview voice actor Tom Kane. Tom has over 25 years of voice acting experience. He is widely known for his animation work. Notable roles are Jedi Master Yoda and Admiral Yularen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars feature film and TV series.

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