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Meet EP’s Favorite Weather Person Georgina Terrazas!
The winner of KLAQ's "El Paso's Favorite Weatherperson Contest" came to visit the Morning Show. It's Telemundo's Georgina Terrazas!  Georgina received a whopping 28% of the vote in a decisive win.  Many listeners who voted for Georgina mentioned her activity in the community and her charit…
Comedian Bill Burr on the MoShow
I'm posting our interview from this morning with comedian Bill Burr. About 5 minutes into the interview we get into a heated debate on the subject of "Things Bill Burr is Wrong About that I am Right About".
Hopefully we'll have Bill in the studio next week. Until then, her…
AUDIO: The History of Marijuana in El Paso
A caller asked us a trivia question last week about where the first anti-marijuana legislation in the U.S. was. We didn't know.
It was El Paso in 1914!
We checked it out and found some interesting historical documents that confirm this. Some of the language they use is so un-PC that we felt you needed…
AUDIO: What’s the Difference?
Time for a game of What's the Difference! I'll give you two items: objects, people, etc....see if you can spot the differences. Sometimes the differences are very subtle, though.
For instance:
What's the difference between approximately and roughly?
Follow the link below to hear the audi…
(AUDIO) The Great Nostradumbass
Time once again to be astounded by the mystic and uncanny powers of that seer of seers, that wise sage who has traveled from afar, the all-knowing one, the Great Nostradumbass.
The Answer: Amanda Bynes and The Man with the 132 lb. Scrotum
The Question? Click to the next page to hear for yourself....
(AUDIO) Good News/Bad News of the Week
As we do every week, it's time to do the Good News/Bad News of the week. Today, we examine several top news stories and look at them from both angles...the pro as well as the con. The dark cloud and the silver lining.
Click on the jump link to hear the audio...

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