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My Caffeine Overload Is No Accident!
I know I'm not alone in this awesome sickness that electrifies the body, mind and soul. Whether it comes out cold, hot, canned, or bottled, serve me up a double! That's right any way I can get my fix I'll take it, just bring it!
Now if you've ever heard me on the air, I'll ex…
9 Heart-Disease Warning Signs to Look Out For
American Heart Month marks a clear opportunity to do a little self-examination -- of your body, your diet and your lifestyle. Heart disease is the most common cause of death for Americans, so if your heart isn't working right, we don't need to explain why that's a really bad sign...
Learn To Save Lives Through CPR At The EPFD’s Free Class
Learn how to perform this life-saving medical intervention to help someone in need before the first responders can arrive. The best part? It's free!
When an emergency is happening, it's good to have someone on hand that is able to administer some kind of aide until first responders are able…

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