‘EverQuest II’ Proves It Pays To Not Pay To Play
Things are going a heck of a lot better for trailblazing PC MMO ‘Everquest II’ after its publisher gave up on that silly idea of trying to get people to pay for a game that was released in 2004. Since December, when the game went fully free-to-play, its audience has not only grown, but p…
Kratos Will Get It Up In ‘God of War: Ascension’
Rest assured that whenever a game publisher insists the finale of a trilogy will close out the series, what’s left unspoken is “only if it doesn’t sell well.” Not ready to kill off its old warhorse, Sony is prepping Kratos for another round of god-slaying and vixen-sexing in …
‘Diablo III’ Beta’s Omega Is May 1
If you’ve been feasting on the free hacking, slashing and looting offered up by the ‘Diablo III‘ beta, get ready to go on a diet. The game’s free pre-release appetizer goes offline May 1, two weeks before it launches on PC.
Online betas are both
‘WWE WrestleFest’ Mobile Game Review
Before that pushy World Wildlife Fund got all cranky and lawyered the WWF initials away from pro wrestling, we dug the quarter-chomping arcade game ‘WWF WrestleFest.’ If the ‘Street Fighter II’  cabinet was occupied, ‘WrestleFest’ was our go-to-game.
New Video Game Releases – May 2012
New video game releases in May 2012 belong to Payne. Rockstar Games is bringing back everyone’s favorite brooding, dual-wielding, painkiller-addicted cop Max Payne, and the month rightfully revolves around him. Rockstar releases are almost national holidays at this point and Max Payne 3 should be n…

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