Remembering My First El Paso Street Festival In 2009!
It seems like just yesterday I was experiencing the sight, sounds, and smells of my first El Paso Downtown Street Festival! Some of it good, some bad but over all the spectacle of the biggest party to hit downtown was rocking!
The year was 2009 and I had never had a job like this one...
Anthrax + An Energy Drink = Awesomeness!
When the timing is right for God's sake, pay attention! I say this because if I had been anywhere other than where I was, I wouldn't be writing this blog, so thank you Anthrax!
The event I will be elaborating on took place two years ago at Wet N' Wild Water World. Thi...
Skid Row Rocking Speaking Rock May 12th!
Speaking Rock Entertainment Center is bringing in the boys from New Jersey, Skid Row! That's right all the way from the gutters come one of my favorite late 80's bands!
If you were a fan of Skid Row and still are, May 12, 2017 will surely bring a smile to your face...
Rock Hall Of Fame Who Would You Induct?
With every new year comes the thought that maybe just maybe my favorite bands will get themselves the worthy nod of getting inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. The question is, does the band care, and why do I?
It's hard to care when certain bands just don't seem to give a crap so w…

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