Blacktop Mojo Rock Tricky Falls
Texas rockers Blacktop Mojo are passing through town and KLAQ has arranged for them to do an intimate show, downtown at The Perch, above Tricky Falls.
Ya Gotta Have A Montage! Our StreetFest Salute [VIDEO]
What do you get when you take hits from Papa Roach and Alice Cooper, mix in liberal doses of StreetFest peeps and freaks, a few beautiful ladies, a few beautiful ladies in a mosh pit, art, cool cars, cool car art, fireworks and maybe you? You get the StreetFest video salute! 'Cuz life is b…
Your Ultimate Rock Festival- Who Plays?
So you think you have what it takes to put on a rock festival. It's more attention to detail than you would expect. The first thing is to get the bands booked way ahead of time.
The one thing I would do, I would make my rock festival an all original member show...

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