College Football is getting its playoff. It's also replacing the old BCS crystal football with a new trophy. And it looks like...umm...

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To me? It looks like a few different things, none of which are as cool as that crystal football.

Personally, I keep expecting to squeeze the bottom and that it will honk like a clown horn. Or that Moe from The Three Stooges will take it off its base, use it to bonk all "Power Five" conference commissioners on the head and that it will play "charge".

Yes, I know "charge" is six notes. That just means SEC Commissioner Mike Slive gets hit twice -- once for each of the two SEC teams he'll have in the CFB Playoff sooner rather than later.

I think I see what they're going for. The Bat Signal, rising like a beacon from the tormented Gotham that is college football fan angst in search of an end to the BCS and to arguments about who is truly Number One, except for the two or three teams everybody thinks should have gotten in but got hosed by the selection committee because that happens now with the NCAA men's basketball tournament and that has 68 teams!

On the other hand, my wife believes it resembles a hand-mixer.

I'm still going for this. (Don't get too creeped out. The clown is wearing Oklahoma State colors, so there's NO WAY it could be holding the real trophy!)

(With thanks to Lord Grimley's Manor, where you can buy creepy clowns and other cool Halloween stuff.)