With all the negative news and discussions about police on social media, this video is a breath of fresh air for your newsfeed. Edmonton peace officer Halley Barrantes AKA “Tha Witness” is attempting to reach out to the youth with his powerful rap lyrics and sweet breakdancing.

There are new stories of some kind of confrontation between police officers and the youth almost every week. Barrantes told the Edmonton Journal about his technique for peace,"“t’s a very strong tool. My philosophy is I am proactive, trying to change the minds and hearts of youth,” he said.

Tons of videos of Barrantes freestyling and break dancing are circulating around different social media sites. He is quickly becoming an internet star with a powerful message. If we can start more connections between the youth and the police, maybe we can change the way police are viewed in society. It's a constant struggle and controversial discussion, but Barrantes is a positive step for change.