Canada has the best reputation in the world. Our neighbor to the north is leading the Reputation Institute's 2011 Country RepTrak list, which ranks nations based on the perceptions of both their own residents as well as the international community. The Institute evaluates the public's impressions about each country in a variety of areas, including safety, quality of life, government stability, economy, and environmental attitudes, to create each country's score. Canada has the highest score of 74-point-eight to land at number one on the list. However, less than one point separates the top four, which also includes Sweden, Australia, and Switzerland. New Zealand, with a score of 73-point-one, rounds out the top five.

The U.S. has a score of 52-point-nine to rank 23rd among the 50 nations in the survey. Iran and Iraq, with scores in the low 20s, hold the last two spots on the list. Germany and Japan just missed the top ten, while Britain is ranked 15th. Mexico places 35th on the list.

The 2011 Country RepTrak List Of Countries, Scores

1. Canada, 74-point-eight

2. Sweden, 74-point-seven

3. Australia, 74-point-three

4. Switzerland, 74-point-two

5. New Zealand, 73-point-one

6. Norway, 73-point-one

7. Denmark, 71-point-nine

8. Finland, 70-point-five

9. Austria, 69-point-four

10. Netherlands, 68-point-seven

11. Germany, 68-point-three

12. Japan, 67-point-two

13. Belgium, 65-point-six

14. Italy, 64-point-six

15. Britain, 64-point-two

16. Spain, 63-point-seven

17. Ireland, 63-point-six

18. France, 62-point-one

19. Portugal, 58-point-one

20. Singapore, 58-point-oh

21. Greece, 55-point-eight

22. Brazil, 54-point-six

23. U.S.A., 52-point-nine

24. Argentina, 52-point-oh

25. Taiwan, 51-point-three

26. Poland, 50-point-nine

27. India, 50-point-three

28. Peru, 50-point-two

29. United Arab Emerates, 50-point-oh

30. Thailand, 49-point-nine

31. Chile, 49-point-seven

32. Puerto Rico, 47-point-four

33. South Africa, 46-point-seven

34. South Korea, 46-point-six

35. Mexico, 46-point-oh

36. Turkey, 46-point-oh

37. Egypt, 45-point-nine

38. Venezuela, 45-point-four

39. Bolivia, 42-point-four

40. Ukraine, 42-point-two

41. Israel, 41-point-nine

42. Haiti, 41-point-eight

43. China, 40-point-seven

44. Saudi Arabia, 38-point-eight

45. Russia, 38-point-six

46. Colombia, 37-point-one

47. Nigeria, 30-point-nine

48. Pakistan, 27-point-two

49. Iran, 22-point-seven

50. Iraq, 21-point-eight