Despite the Morning Show being on vacation last week, it's been a busy week on, where we NEVER go on vacation! Check out some of my favorite things from the site this past week that you may have missed:

  • SXSW Video

    SXSW may be well behind us now, but if you haven't checked out our video montage of all the behind-the-scenes fun we had on the trip, you should! (Mostly because I lost a lot of sleep making it for you guys and I'll cry if you don't. Oh, and it's totally effing rad!)

  • Buzz Answers Fan Mail

    Without giving it away, Buzz answers a message from a fan on Facebook. Buzz gives the best advice.
  • Glenn Wants to Know What Rocks About El Paso!

    Glenn asked YOU what rocks about El Paso. For me, it's the mountains, Chico's, and KLAQ, of course. While I'm a huge fan of the city, it's cool to see what you guys like about actually living there. Check out some of the answers, and leave your own.

  • I Want You To Turn Me On!

    While I enjoy the Boobs of the Day, Hiney’s Hiney of the Week, Monster’s Hottie of the Day, SuicideGirls, Babes of the Day and Crushes of the Day as much as the next person, it seems is seriously missing some biceps and pecs. Now, Buzz and the Morning Show (except my girl, Teresa) disagree with me here, but I'll take my chances. Time to give back to the ladies of El Paso. Where my girls at? My first hunk (hold the junk) went up today. Check him out and send me your hunk (hold the junk) pics!
  • Best of Morning Show -- Fall King!

    With the Morning Show on vacation last week, Duke dug deep into the archives and played all the most requested stuff, including this one -- Fall King, which got a ton of requests here and on the KLAQ Facebook page. Here on, we aim to please.
  • As Always, I'm Rocking Out to the Q on RadioPup!