Maybe it's because I'm from the northeast, but I had never heard the word "haberdashery" before being dragged into one in Austin by Buzz. It's apparently a hat store. Look at me learning new sh*t!

What would you do first thing after landing at one of the coolest music festivals in the world? Check out some bands? Go find some drugs, err, hugs, I mean. Not Buzz. The most important order of business was hitting the haberdashery in the center of the SXSW action.

While I adore Buzz, I have to admit that watching him hat shop is only slightly more interesting than attending a baby shower. I can report that he thoroughly inspected every hat and none met his standards and he sadly walked away hatless. Check out photos of the hat-shopping extravaganza below. My particular favorite is the one with Teresa looking less-than-thrilled over Buzz's shoulder.