A Burges High School student was arrested for wearing an accessory to school. Do you think it was justified? Ridiculous? He knew what it was? Or just thought it was a cool ring? Take the poll and let us know! On Oct. 19th, Burges High School senior Jesus Luis Villegas was arrested for bringing to school a brass knuckle type "dual" ring. He was taken to the El Paso County jail and released on a $5,000 bond. Now, when I first heard it was a "dual" ring, my thoughts went to the medieval time duals with jousting sticks and suits of armor. Then I realized that a ring would not help against a suit of armor. So, I checked out the old world wide web to see the ring in question and to see what other versions are out there.

The ring that Villegas wore was a stud type ring that fit on two fingers and connected. At first glance, I actually own a ring similar to the one in question. At least I did until my sister stole it from me. Seeing the ring in question immediately led to me crying foul and wondering what were these people thinking to arrest a young kid for it. That arrest and possible conviction is something that will be on his record for life. But you always need to ask for a second opinion. And so I did. From a cop.

The cop I asked knew some details about the arrest and notified me that the ring looks like the rings you could buy in stores but instead of being made from cheap material or plastic (which is what my ring is made of since it turns my finger green) it was made of iron. If you look up the legal definition of brass knuckles ( or correct terminology, metal knuckles) it is:

” . . .any device or instrument made wholly or partially of metal which is worn for purposes of offense or defense in or on the hand and which either protects the wearer’s hand while striking a blow or increases the force of impact from the blow or injury to the individual receiving the blow. The metal contained in the device may help support the hand or fist, provide a shield to protect it, or consist of projections or studs which would contact the individual receiving a blow.”


So, looking back again at the ring and now knowing what the ring is made of, it makes you think that it actually could be used as a weapon and should not have been brought to the school int he first place. For me, I think the ring is cute, but yes, a weapon at the same time. INstea dof arresting the student though, I think they should have confiscated the ring and sent him on his way. Lesson learned and no harm done, the school officials could keep the hazardous ring. I do not think that the student knew that the ring could be used as a weapon or what it really was. Also, if he bought the ring in a legitimate store, he could have shown them the store or given them the receipt of where he purchased it. Then he could get off the hook and they could go after the person who is supplying other kids with these hazardous rings.

There were other ways of handling the situation that would have been better for the school and for the student. And I still agree that there are so many rings out there right now that look similar to the one that Villegas was wearing. The only difference is the material tht ws used to make the ring. So now I'm asking you to look at some similar rings that I found for sale in stores in El Paso and the ring in question. Then, look at a real set of brass knuckles  and to see how similar they are to the ring Villegas wore. Lastly answer the poll questions: Did the school overreact to the students ring? And what should happen next to Jesus Luis Villegas?

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