Apple unveiled the new iPad HD -- not the iPad3, incidentally -- to make tech-heads drool, not to mention making those of us who have prior versions of the iPad want to beat ourselves over our heads with last year's models.

Not to worry. If you "only" have an iPad 2, you ain't doin' too bad; and Apple also announced it cut the price on the basic 16GB iPad 2 to $300.

Anyone who has listened to me rant about Android phones might be surprised that I like anything Apple, but my bias stops at the iPhone. I actually LOVE the way Apple products look and act. So smooth and easy.

My biggest issue with the iPhone is that it's closed off from what it could be. On the other hand, Google doesn't mind you "tinkering" with their Android phones...much. For instance, you can find ways to use your Android phone as a wireless hotspot without paying extra for the service. You'll get the same old deal about voiding with your warranty, which could happen, but it can be worth it.

Plus, screen displays are one thing on a phone, something else entirely on something bigger.

As for the knock that there's not a whole lot you can do with the iPad as opposed to a full-blown laptop or CPU, that's just wrong. Having the iPad 2 with iMovie and Avid Studio, another video editing app, I've lost about 50 pounds of gear because I don't have to lug my laptop around everywhere to cover sports.

It's so easy to use -- for instance, I shot slow-motion footage of the El Paso Rhinos in action in Phoenix and Fort Worth, then sat on the bus ride back to El Paso, edited this video in my lap and still had room for a sam'ich! Ironically, I would've had a much harder time doing this with a laptop.

I like iPad HD! The new iPad hits March 16 and is supposed to feature an incredibly rich-looking screen, a 5MP camera that shoots full 1080p HD video, the new iLife Suite (Garage Band and iMovie, which are in the App Store, and iPhoto which is new), SIRI voice dictation and a quad-core processor that promises to just burn.

I think Apple knocks it out of the park by keeping prices the same as iPad 2. There isn't a quantum leap between the iPad 2 and iPad HD, but if you were thinking about getting iPad 2, you're new decision is simply whether you'll spend to get a new iPad HD or spend $100 less to pick up what you originally wanted.

What about you? Tempting? Meh?

Here's the Endgadget review from Apple's big event today. Take a look and sound off through Facebook below.