A big part of your wedding is going to the floral decorations. And there are lots of options. We looked at over a dozen different potential florists and one that stood out to my fiancee was Black Swan Wedding Styling.

As much as I said that having a solid photographer is important for your wedding because those will last a lifetime, the arrangements set the theme for those photos. So we have trusted JLo over at Black Swan Wedding Styling with that.

I'll be posting photos of everything that he has created after the wedding because, well:

  1. The wedding hasn't happened yet, and you really need to see the whole thing.
  2. JLo has really knocked the theme out of the park and don't want to reveal too much before the big day.

The gallery here is just some of the work JLo has put together and I'll be putting up more shots of his work throughout the summer.

Black Swan Wedding Styling