A short while back, I talked about a project where some YouTube directors were asked to shoot some Halloween horror videos based on Urban Legends. The three films came out yesterday for the world to see. The idea is from BlackBoxTV, a YouTube channel devoted to horror films and making them. If you haven't checked out the channel, there are some really cool short films to watch in case you want to goof off at work.

I really like JoeNationTV's short film "La Llorona". It's creepy and well done. His movies are usually funny and odd, but his first horror film is really quite good! It's my favorite of the three movies that came out. Here's Joe Nation's film:

My second favorite film is from TotallySketch. Michael Gallagher shot "Bloody Mary", and it's much shorter than "La Llorona". It pretty much is just a video version of the story people tell each other about the urban legend.

The final film is called "Slender Man" from Chris McCaleb. I don't know what legend this is referring to, and it's put together as a behind the scenes documentary. Not knowing the story of the Slender Man, if that even has anything to do with what this final story is about...this one just didn't really connect with me. It's not a bad video, and look for Joe Nation to show up in it as well. By the way, the main character of this one is the mastermind behind BlackBoxTV, Tony.

Enjoy, and have a scary Halloween!

For more, check out the BlackBoxTV website.