This Sabbath reunion thing is going to drive us crazy ...

First, they were in talks but no; they weren't in talks. 

Then it was a go,but no ... not a "go".

Then it was on!!!!!!!  There was joy in the streets and the heavens sang!

Then Tony Iommi was diagnosed with cancer. 

BUT, said Tony; that's not gonna stop me. We're doing this!!

More joy,more singing ...

Now Bill ward wants a better contract or he's going to take his drum and go home.  Really??

Some fans aren't having that though!  Check out what is going on now by clicking this link!

Watch them get Ward and the fans settled down, only to lose Geezer as he petitions for a 5th string!  Or Ozzy will want more bats...

I just want cheaper beer at the damn concert hall(s)!!    Can we all strike for that?? :)