We all know Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong has been admitted into rehab. For what? Being a little too punk rock. I personally don't think he should have gone. Instead he should be applauded for his rock n roll attitude. But here are some people I think should be made to go to rehab, even if they say no, no, no.

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    Amanda Bynes

    Now, for most red blooded men out there, taking your top of in a spinning class would be a reason to applaud you and want to actually work out foronce. BUt Amanda honey, running tho the East coast will not help you escape how much a hot mess you really have become. Also, barricading yourself in a bathroom so long that the fire department consider breaking the door down does not scream: SANE LADY. More like, CRAZY LADY TRAPPED IN THE POTTY. Get your act together, your beautiful, young and full of talent. Which is more then a lot of people in Hollywood these days.

    Los Angeles County Sheriff
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    Lindsey Lohan

    This girl will forever be on my rehab list! I love her for how crazy she is. But lets be honest, it's time for this girl to get her act together and using those amazing acting skills she has. I'm actually watching Mean Girls while writing this (and yes, on air as well) and I MISS her HUGE knockers! and that gorgeous red hair she used to have. This girl needs a comeback BAD and I will be first in line to support her in her efforts.

    Photo Via Flickr User AZRainman
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    Johnny Lewis

    Oh wait. Nevermind. Too soon? Oh well.

    Photo Courtesy Santa Monica Police Department
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    Honey Boo Boo

    Look, maybe the entire darn family should be in this! From their enojyment of naming the roadkill they eat, to shopping at Teresa's favorite wig store SHH! Its A Wig the entire family is in dire need of an intervention. Or maybe just a really good Jenny Craig meeting.

    Photo Via Youtube
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    Miley Cyrus

    She hasn't done anything too risque or law breaking (especially compared to other Disney alumnis) but this little firecracker sure does seem like she's going down that path! With her dancing on a pole on television, smoking salvia out of a bong (allegedly salvia), and cuting her hair a la Gwen Stefani or Pink, the girl obviously needs an intervention. She seems like she really needs to find herself and her own identity. Because right now, she's just often imitating, never being her own.

    Photo Courtesy of Flickr User JPAvocat