The amazing Bill Murray is known for being a great actor but he is gaining even more popularity by being known for showing up to hang out with fans at random bars and parties. Murray's recent appearance was at a bachelor party and not only did he stop by to say hi, he offered some wise words to the groom.

According to one of the guys at the bachelor party, while having dinner at a steakhouse in Charleston, South Carolina they noticed Murray hanging out and tried to send him and his friends some drinks. He declined so then one of the guys decided to walk over to him and asked if Murray could say a few words to the groom, EJ. Again, Murray said "No thanks."

Just as the guys thought their dreams were crushed, Murray showed up to give the groom some wise words of advice. The video shows Murray sharing some inspirational words and gets the group of guys to pick up the groom, while he makes a mysterious exit. Thank you Bill Murray.