I never got this lecture in high school but my sister did almost everyday- WEAR LONGER SHORTS! "You're giving away the milk before he buys the cow," my mother used to tell her. Nothing worked for her no matter what my parents said. Well, this dad may have found the perfect way to show her how embarrassing they can be. You could try it too dads out there!

I really do hate when girls wear shorts that are far too short for them. Even if you have great legs and a fantastic bum, there is no need to have the bottom half of your cheeks sticking out of them. Keep something for the imagination ladies! Especially if you are still in high school. I can understand a little if you are going to a club, preferably a strip club, then fine they can be a little shorter than normal. But going to dinner, the store, church, wherever you don't need to have your bottom butt cleavage hanging out during daylight.

Scott Mackintosh is a father who got fed up with his daughters short shorts. His wife asked her to change out of her "slutty shorts" and into something more appropriate for dinner. When their daughter said no, Scott decided he would show her how good she really looked in those shorts. He cut his jeans right below the back pocket and showed off his luscious legs for the benefit of the world.

Did it work? Well, his daughter pretended not to care, all the way through dinner and a round of min-golf but she decided to stay in the car when they went to get milkshakes after. The clear winner in this? The Best. Dad. Ever.