This was another long panel time, an hour! But worth every second of it! If you don't have far too much time on your hands to geek out in the afternoon like I do, here is the best things I learned from the San Diego Comic Con.


1. We learn next season why Rick decided to take the survivors of Woodbury back to the prison. He couldn't say in the discussion because he said that question is answered soon in the next season. I can see why though. Shelter, secure walls, a meager supply of rations, and they already had people and their things there. But will it survive all a herd of walkers if they came by? Only time will tell. Or the trailer for season could answer that with a hell no!

2. Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) describes that the relationship between Rick and his son Carl (Chandler Riggs) will play an integral role in the beginning of season four and who will become a parent again. He woke up to the issues he has with his children when his son Carl shows himself to basically be a sociopath when he wants to leave all those survivors from Woodbury to die. Rick gives away a lot of jobs to spend more time with his kids and suppress his rage that we have sene so much of in the past few seasons.

3. David Morrissey (The Governor) still believes after EVERYTHING the governor has done that he isn't a bad guy. I wonder fi he was there to shoot the episode where he BRUTALLY MURDERS his own people for thinking they were going to betray him. I don't care what you say David we all know what the governor is, a bad bad man!

4. The mediator Chris Hardwick makes a HUGE mistake by saying that the walkers aren't a threat this season as much as the people are. The entire casts starts to gang up on him asking if he was paying attention during the trailer for season four and the minds behind the show start asking the crowd if anyone would like to host Talking Dead instead. It is a funny moment onstage but I understand where Chris was coming from. Where the walkers are always there, like a beast stalking prey, the humans are the ones you turn around on and they stab you in the back and can come after you as many times as they want. Sentiment just spoken wrong but it is something I do agree with. The humans are far more terrifying than the walkers.

5. An audience member asked the question I have heard several times since the end of season three: who will be Rick's love interest since Andrea died?! In the comic books, Rick starts up a relationship with Andrea but since they killed her off in the television series, this leaves a gaping hole in his love life. The name I continued to hear over and over is Michonne. Could Rick possibly start dating Michonne in the show? The writers merely answered with," anything could happen." I believe this is a definite possibility in the futre for those two characters.

6. Steven Yeun (Glenn) is asked how it feels for characters to be evolving morally and emotionally throughout the show and he brings up the death of Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) and how it made him extremely emotional. He said the thing that made him the most upset was the thought that he wasn't going to have Jeff on set with him anymore, which made the tears come pouring down in that scene. It was touching to see just how close these characters have become while filming this series.

7. At the 41 minute mark, Steven Yeun (Glenn) asks if a group of fans asking a question are triplets since they look so much alike. Unforunately for him but hilariously for us, they aren't triplets just Asian. Which Glenn then asks the crowd does this make me racist against Asians?

8. When asked what he would do if a zombie apocalypse really happened, Norman Reedus (Deryl) had a simple answer. Norman would take over a hotel, spray paint himself silver, run around naked, and watch South Park. For some strange reason I'm not hoping for an imminent zombie apocalypse.

9. AT THE END OF THIS VIDEO THERE IS A SPOILER!!!! At the 47 minute mark a crazy lady covered in buttons tells a cast member he has a fabulous voice and if he could song a melancholy song right before Carl kills him. I do not know who the actor was or who she was speaking to. After seeing this small bit of the clip, I promptly shut it off and refused to watch the rest. I don't enjoy spoilers and they are one of my biggest pet peeves. So if you want to watch that part, or you read the comic books and already know, feel free to watch that part. Myself? I would like to stay blissfully unaware of that death.

Those are the most interesting parts I saw in The Walking Dead Comic Con discussion panel. If you want to watch it for yourself and see if there are big parts I missed, you can watch the video below. For lazy people like me, read my summary and watch the trailer for season four. It's going to get crazy!

The Season Four Trailer:

The San Diego Comic Con Panel: