The RIAA released a list of the top selling 250 musicians in the United States. From there, Redditor Ooosh-E took that list and put the people on a map by best selling artist in their state. Some made sense, others I was a little shocked by. Washington really surprised me. 


Here are just a few of the states who had interesting number one sellers. Also artists you have to wonder where the heck are they. Also, remember these are record sales, not digital downloads. If that was added into the mix, I think the numbers may be a little different.


For the state of Washington, Kenny G. was the number one selling artist who was born in that state. Most people think that the best selling artist for that state would be Nirvana but in reality, the smooth saxophone player came out number one.


A lot of people asked why Aerosmith was not represented on this chart. They have sold tons of records and are one of the most successful rock bands. The only thing is, most of the members weren't actually born in Boston.


Bette Midler?! I think I'm more just shocked that she was born there. Bruno Mars get on it to beat her!


If this state was represented, I would think Godsmack would be the winner here.


The artist who made the list for this state is Michael W. Smith. Most people would wonder who this person is, but Buzz actually knew. Smith is an American contemporary Christian musician who can occasionally hit the mainstream charts.


This state really shows you how popular country music is in this country. Rascal Flatts beat out other popular Ohio born musicians. Other artists include: Dean Martin, Marilyn Manson, Trent Reznor (so NIN), the Isley Brothers, Black Keys, Dave Grohl (so Nirvana and Foo Fighters), Gilby Clarke and Steven Adler (GNR), Bone Thugs, John Legend and more.