A bunch of young guys wanted to see what would happen if they danced to "What Does The Fox Say?" for a pizza delivery guy. I hope they tipped him amazing after this performance.


Sometimes the best internet videos are the ones that make you laugh and think," Now why didn't I think of that!" This is one of those videos to me. Not to mention the guys in this video must have spent some serious time learning these dance moves to do them so well together. Just kidding, the dance moves really show that white guys can't dance. But the only thing I think they could have added were some better costumes. May I suggest neon Speedos or dressing up like members of a boy band for the next time they decide to harass a pizza delivery guy.

As for the pizza delivery guy, I hope he got a really good tip for that. My opinion is, the better the response from the delivery guy, the higher the tip should be. Which means, this guy have at least gotten 20 dollars for his performance.