Not every band does solos.  Some don't have enough stage time, some don't like them and some, as good as the band may be, just can't.

Everyone has their favorite drummer so, forgive me if I skip yours.  This list is meant to highlight the most entertaining drum solos. Three Days Grace do an awesome piano/drum solo leading in to the "just drums" solo.  I finally got to see it live at Street Fest this year and it was GREAT! Shannon Larkin of Godsmack and Sully do a great "dueling drummers" thing, complete with moving kits and flames!

Most rockers are probably already beating the Neil Peart drum.  With his spinning, 9 billion piece kit and show tune blasts, Neil is definitely a hard act to follow.

This isn't about the most technical solo or to decide who the best drummer is mind you.   This is to name the wildest, craziest, most entertaining soloist and that honor almost has to go to... Tommy Lee!

With Motley Crue, T-bone's been lifted, flipped upside down, dropped from ceilings, done a 360 degree circle and been flown across arenas .. all while drumming.

He took passengers with him on that roller coaster kit and let's not forget the "Booby" cam either peeps!!  Every night, every tour, Tommy goes overboard back there.

See for yourself, we'll start with the tamer ones and work up from there.  They get longer and the film quality gets better as we go so, check 'em all out! (Language in some of these is NSFW!)