Yesterday was a bleak day for me. The season finale of "Walking Dead" had been the previous Sunday. So had the season finale of "Boardwalk Empire".  My Sundays had lost meaning. Normally on Sunday I would begin to feel some pre-show jitters starting at about 1 pm. Then as 7 o'clock grew nearer my anticipation would also swell. I am told that this is the feeling some people experience waiting for the Super Bowl to begin.

Sunday night used to be my Super Bowl, every Sunday. Now without Walking Dead and Boardwalk my existence is joyless, my heart...empty. If only there were something during these cold winter months that could bring me some kind of meaning to my Sunday nights. Alas, December offers nothing festive to look forward to.

What follows are some of my Facebook friends suggestions for what I can do with my Sundays until Walking Dead returns in February. Effing February!

Go To Church

It's at this point that I should add the proviso of "Serious Suggestions Only, Please".

Watch Football Like a Man

The last I checked, the trend in football has been to make it less violent. The trend in Walking Dead has been, as near as I can tell, to make it so violent it shocks people like me who got desensitized decades ago.  Let me know the next time a quarterback gets sacked and the defensive end not only decapitates him but then tears his humerus off to use to shank the running back in the throat. Then I might consider watching football.


I watched the first season of Dexter and enjoyed it. As I recall, Dexter would typically kill at the rate of about one victim per episode. If the body count on Walking Dead is ever fewer than 70 the comment you hear most frequently is, "What was with all that talking and other gay B.S!!"


Another premium cable thriller. That doesn't have any zombies. Pass.

Shaws of Sunset

You read that correctly. "SHAWS" of Sunset was suggested to me. And I am really feeling the urge to see an 11-year-old zombie kid get a samurai sword through her skull.

Animation Domination

I will always watch Simpsons out of habit. But I loathe Family Guy.  And, is there a single person on the entire planet who has so much as chuckled at anything on Bob's Burgers?? I didn't think so.