Another look inside the Dubba G mail bag today!

In addition to zillions of fan letters, checks and womens underwear; record labels and bands send us stuff all the time to.  New singles, info on the band, CDs, etc... Mostly business stuff, sometimes personal stuff from bands we've gotten close to.

Awhile back I posted a card that Slash sent me.  Yesterday, I got something from Papa Roach!

The new Papa Roach single is called "Still Swingin" so they sent me a genuine (miniature) Louisville slugger to "swing" at genuine (minature) stuff with!.  This thing rocks!!  It has the Louisville Slugger logo burned into it ... as they all do ... AND the Papa Roach logo!  On top of that, they autographed it!

How cool is that??

Maybe I can use this to hit the opening pitch for The Diablos next year instead of throwing/rolling/UPS-ing it! Better still, maybe they'll let me break in the new triple A teams downtown stadium with it!!

Either that or I can use it to whack zombies with!

Keep Swingin' ya'll!!